Getting Plastered in Fez!

Earlier this year, the master plasterer, Abellkader, vanished from the Fez scene to take up commissions in Europe. At the time there was much consternation because it seemed likely that he might be tempted to stay in Spain or France. Thankfully, we can report that after a highly successful sojourn overseas, he has returned to the Fez Medina.

Now speaking a fair amount of Spanish along with his Arabic, Darija and French, Abellkader is once again working on restoration projects. His latest work has been a bathroom and internal balcony for a New Zealand couple who own a riad in the Medina.

Their comment about his work? "Superb, quick, inventive and artistic, this man has it all. We've heard so many horror stories - but Abellkader was and is the best in Fez"


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